Ranging from the most southerly point in the civilized world, in the temperate climates of Patagonia, to the jungle and high Andes in the north, Argentina hosts some of the most diverse and beautiful terrain in the world. It's capital Buenos Aries, oozes European sophistication combined with a Latin flavour and style. The capital is a good place to spend a few days before or after the hunt, however what Argentina can certainly offer is the opportunity to sample some of the finest beef and wine on the planet. With an ideal climate for grape, the Mendoza region produces some of the new worlds best wines. There of course the opportunity of arranging a wine tasting tour before or after your hunt.

In the Mendoza region, is Aconcagua. Standing at 6962m it is the highest peek in the Andes. However, except for the odd puma, which are heavily protected, there is little there for the sportsman bar the odd miserable Vicuña. As a result we do not look towards the mountains here; in Argentina it is the lowland areas that provide the most sport.

The plains of Patagonia and the Pampas offer big game opportunities ranging from Red Deer to Guanaco and Rhea. Although the latter are both poor and relatively tame trophies, Argentina's Red Deer are indeed vast. Despite this, and the countries abundance of good size deer, we do not recommend hunting Red Deer in Argentina. It is extremely expensive, and a hunt in Spain, Russia or New Zealand is not only more economical, but offer equally good heads with the opportunity of whacking a Wapiti and Maral as well. If you are going to spend the money, spend it right.

So we recommend putting down your rifle, to hunt the Cordoba and Buenos Aries regions of the country to take advantage of the incredible dove and duck flighting that can be provided here.

With a warm climate at very low altitudes, Argentina will make a quiet change to thrashing through the snow, up vertical peeks after a wily Ovid or Capra.

The Climate in Cordoba ranges from 10oC – 18oC in winter, to 23oC – 30oC in the summer, and hunting can be arranged all year round. Edited