Sandwiched between China and Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan is a stunning mountain country hosting some of Asia's largest and finest trophies. With it's capital Bishkek at 1500 meters, the former soviet influence is certainly still present. However upon leaving the city, Kyrgyzstan's beautiful snow capped mountain ranges of the Tian Shan to Pamir Altay reach heights of up to 7000 meters, giving the hunter a true experience of isolation with his quarry. The rugged terrain and habitat that the animals here survive, make this some of the hardest hunting on earth.

The flora and fauna of Kyrgyzstan is abundant, with 3500 different plants, 178 mammals, 300 types of bird, 100 different fish and 28 reptiles.

The high mountain empire of Kyrgyzstan is currently the cheapest place in Asia to achieve some of the world's finest and most memorable trophies. Offering 1 of each of both a Capra and Ovid Real Big 5, this is the ideal location to for the true sportsman. Other fauna able to be spotted on the hunt is the elusive snow leopard, and certainly the magnificent Siberian Roe Buck is not to be overlooked.

The Climate during the hunting season can be quite harsh making the hunters experience unforgettable and the satisfaction of having a mounted trophy on your wall all the better.

Temperature in September: +15-18oC Daytime, +5oC Night;

October/November: -5 – 10oC Daytime, -15 – 20oC Night

Hours from civilisation, where the capra and ovid are most abundant, our private hunting grounds are some of the best in the country offering the highest opportunity to achieve a successful hunt.