The United kingdom is world reknowned for producing some of the world's finest sportsmen and women.  Pioneering hunting around the globe in the Victorian and Edwardian era during the Empire there is the only country  to find world class sport in driven shooting days, and the UK is home to some of the world's rarest trophies.

Home to the Real Big 5, we are able to offer hunters the opportunity to chase the exotic Muntjac in the only country that they can be legally hunted, England is also home to one fifth of the world's population of Chinese Water deer, and again is the only country where they can be legally hunted.

With a huge focus on sport and tradition, the UK offers hunters from around the globe the opportunity to experience shooting in an age old manner with great sport and incredible trophies at very reasonable prices. The hospitality is fantastic with great food and wine, and the true English Gentleman’s shooting experience can be found through the Real Big 5. You will be shooting with members of the English aristocracy and get a real feeling for how the sport has developed, using modern methods to achieve good bags, but in keeping with typical English traditions of tweeds and plus 4’s with traditional food, drinks and of course high bird quality shooting.
The private hunting grounds of the Real Big 5 are based in West Norfolk, close to the famous royal estate of Sandringham and driven shooting days are available throughout the winter months. We offer opportunities at Pheasant, partridge and woodcock, with a good opportunity to shoot the elusive English partridge that is only found in isolated areas across the country, with the biggest population in Norfolk.

There are many other activities that can be encompassed into your hunting trip, with fascinating tourist attractions only a stone’s throw away. Visit historic Ely Cathedral (listed as one of the 7 wonders of the world) or the Elizabethan stately home of Oxborough Hall. Our private estate is located a convenient 1.5 hours from central London which is one of Europes most sought after Tourist Destinations.

Hunters can expect Temperatures to be
November to February: -5 - +10
June to November: +10 - +28