At the crossroads of Central Europe, The Balkans and the Mediterranean, Croatia offers some spectacular scenery with an abundance of wildlife available for the hunter. With its Alpine terrains and Deep Canyons with 44% of its ground covered in forest, Croatia has one of Europe’s richest biodiversity’s. Home to the Balkan Chamois, the Brown Bear and the European Boar there is plenty of game available to the Hunter.

The country has a continental climate, with temperatures on average ranging from -3C in January to 20C in July.

Although a small animal, the chamois is one of the most important beasts to chase in Europe. Its agility and natural intelligence, and the high and difficult mountains in which it lives render it one of the finest quarries of the true hunter. Chamois can be found in most of the high ranges in Central and Southern Europe, their range extending from the Pyrenees to the Caucasus and from the Southern Carpathians to Albania.

The colour of the Chamois in summer is a greyish dun, with black markings on their face, but in winter their hair grows long and becomes almost black. However many varieties occur, including Albino and Menalistic however these are now rare. Chamois are gregarious and found in small herds. They are very watchful for their safety and normally post a sentinel to guard against surprise. As a rule old Males prefer a solitary existence for much of the year, joining the females during the rut. The gestation period for Chamois is twenty weeks and the female normally produces one, rarely two kids.