A driven boar shoot in Europe is one the major sporting events for any Sportsman. Croatia is known as one the finest destinations for Driven Boar, with high densities on the right areas. Unfortunately there are a lot of driven shoots out there on offer where the price is good but the quantity of boar is very low. At the real Big 5 we only consider locations where there are high densities of Boar, and we also arrange drives in a 1500 acre fenced woodland where we can guarantee the chance of seeing boar, whilst still giving them a sporting chance.

The minimum legal calibre for shotting wild boar is a .243 with a 85 grain or more expanding projectile, however much heavier calibres are recommended as the.243 really is not up to the job of dealing with a tonne of Wild Boar charging at you! Wild Boar are incredibly strong and solidly built, with sharp tusks and a willingness to defend themselves vigourously. boar are known to charge the hunter after a missed shot or non lethal wound; because of this some of the earliest bayonets were actually used by boar hunters rather than the military forces. this makes for an incredibly exciting hunting experience with adrenaline pumping through the body from the beginning to the end of each drive.

Croatia is world famous as a destination for driven boar, largely due to the quantities that they have in certain areas. We have access to both wild and fenced areas and are able to encompass hunting in both. because of this we are able to guarantee that shots will be fired at boar during our trips.