Historically the Wolf was the animal with the biggest distribution around the planet, ranging throughout the Northern Hemisphere and large parts of the Southern. Due to his extremely efficient hunting ability he was seen as a threat to livestock and humans alike, and since the Middle Ages has been consistently persecuted to bring his numbers down to manageable levels. In Some European countries and across many parts of the USA the wolf has been driven to extinction. In the 21st Century however, wolf numbers are back on the rise, and there are now some countries in Europe where he is able to be legally hunted with some success.

In Romania the population has increased from only 1500 in the 1970’s to in excess of 4000 today. The current amount of wolves in certain areas of the country is currently thought to be too high. Despite being a protected species on a national level there are certain locations in the country where controlled hunting is in fact necessary to maintain a healthy balance in the ecosystem. We have access to such areas in Romania, and although still a very tough hunt with luck playing its hand as much as skill, a wolf can be conducted with success out of Romania.