A hunt in Alaska is an experience that lives beyond expectations, and a trip that every sportsman must try at least once, on some level. As the only state to readily hand out licenses for Brown bear it is the obvious state of choice for any bear hunter. Alaska is the only state to house all 3 North American bear species (black bear, brown bear & polar bear). To be able to conduct that hunt on Kodiak island, a location World famous for it’s quantity and size of bears, makes this hunt, in our opinion, The best in the World.
The Kodiak brown bear is famous for being the largest in the World, and it is not uncommon to harvest bears of 10ft. The Kodiak Bear has lived in isolation on the Kodiak archipelago  for over 12,000 years, deeming it a separate subspecies of ursus arctos middendorffi. Kodiak island has one of the densest populations of bears anywhere in the World, with an estimated 3,500 on the island that is 0.7 bears per square mile. The protein rich diet of salmon that sustains them for much of the year results in them growing larger than any other bear in the World, making the Kodiak brown bear one of the most sought after on the Planet. If you are hoping to secure the World record Brown bear, then Kodiak Island is the only place you should consider hunting.
The local outfitter that we use on Kodiak Island has been in operation since the 80’s and we feel there is no one more experienced or better suited to help you harvest your dream trophy. We feel that he IS the best outfitter to be able to secure you your dream Bear. In the units that we hunt we secure 10ft bears annually, and although Kodiak has a high number of applicants for brown bear, we feel with this outfitter you have the best odds of not only drawing, but also securing a very respectable bear after your hunt. If you are willing to put in the work, then there is no reason that you should not return with the experience and animal of a lifetime. We cannot recommend this hunt highly enough.