With Alaska’s land mass exceeding 1 million square miles, it is Americas largest State but with a population under 750,000 it is her least densely populated. The vast array of wildlife. including 3 species of Sheep, 3 species of Bear, Moose, Deer, Mountain Goats, ptarmigan, wildfowl, and more, coupled with the varying landscapes they choose for their home make Alaska one of the finest hunting destinations in the World, and is guaranteed to test even the finest of hunters. Alaska truly is North America’s Last Frontier.

The State offers hunting opportunities in the highest and steepest cliffs in the Rockies Mountain Range, to lowland hunting in Forests, along rivers and glaciers and we can even arrange hunts above the Arctic Circle! With more Coast line than all other US States combined the fishing is out of this World, despite being a predominantly hunting agency please ask us about fishing opportunities before or after your hunt. Whatever your desire or goal, Alaska will challenge you to your utmost and leave you exhausted, rewarded and craving more!

For those wishing to experience a true Alaskan experience an Arctic caribou hunt is a must! This hunt takes place North of the Arctic Cirlce and is timed to coincide with the Caribou’s migration. There is the potential for the hunter to see hundreds of caribou and it is a superb way to hunt covering vast swathes of ground from the speed and comfort of an airboat.
The local Outfitter that we use for our Caribou hunts has 14 years experience hunting this area. His knowledge and skills in predicting the movements and migration of the Caribou cannot be matched by anyone else in Alaska. The camp is very comfortable with Arctic tents and camp beds, the food is excellent and the team have never come across a more prepared or well equipped outfitter anywhere in the World.
For those with a family this is great trip, younger hunters are actively encouraged on this hunt and although a certain degree of fitness is advised, due to the great knowledge our outfitter has of the region there can be good opportunites to take Caribou fairly close to shore which can be ideal for younger or older hunters.

This outfitter’s vision is to be the Guide/Outfitting service of choice for clients who wish to hunt and fish in the Last Frontier – Alaska.  Their goal is to provide premium quality service to help their clients in their search for the State’s premier fish and big game.  They will deliver only safe and ethical, fair-chase hunting/fishing services, in compliance with all applicable Federal and State legal requirements.  This outfitter employs only knowledgeable, experienced guides with an emphasis on client service skills.  Their highest-quality camp and transport equipment is maintained to exacting standards, ensuring reliability and safety for clients and staff.   They expect to become well known in the Alaskan outdoor adventure business for their superior quality of service and respect for Alaska’s environment.