Undoubtedly the most pursued game species on the planet needs little introduction; The whitetail Deer's range expands from Canada in the North all the way down to the top of South America, there is even a good population as far south as Peru.  However without the doubt the best location for a Whitetail is North America. He is remarkably adaptable, and has such a large range that he can be pursued in ecosystems ranging from boreal forests to subtropical jungles to western deserts. By the turn of the 20th Century, due to heavy hunting pressure, Whitetail numbers were at a catastrophic 350,000 – 500,000. Early hunter conservationists became alarmed, and fought to introduce bag limits and seasons. Their plight was incredibly successful; in the United states alone there are an estimated 27 million Whitetail. Roughly 2 million deer are shot each year in the US; with an estimated 10 million hunters pursuing them means 80% of hunters therefore, are NOT successful on Whitetail hunts. They are a very challenging deer to pursue, making for a fantastic hunt. The big challenge for us was to work out where to hunt them. With so many options and variations we needed to find our favourite location to hunt them. The majority of Whitetail are harvested in the Eastern part of the continent, with the Mid West having good genetics and fertile soils it has been consistently producing more record book heads than are found further North & East. Deer in the South have a reputation for being considerably smaller.

With the huge popularity of Whitetail hunting, and the very limited rifle season, for the foreign hunter, a hunt on public land would not be viable. Very few mature trophy’s are harvested, that combined with a high failure rate due to the difficulty of Whitetail hunting and the abundance of hunters, meant that we will only hunt Whitetail on private land.