The unique geographical location of Turkey, surrounded by 3 seas & continents, with her land extending over both Europe and Asia, renders her as the barrier between the Eastern and Western Worlds. There is no better example of this conjunction of the continents than in her untouched and preserved nature and multitude of fauna. The various climatic zones, landscapes and habitats within the country mean she is home to Leopards, Wild Goats, and mouflon more commonly found in Asia, as well as chamois, Red deer & Wild Boar; Europe’s most iconic game species. The good hospitality and infrastructure coupled with a large tourist industry, often lacking in many other Asian countries, makes Turkey one of the world’s premier hunting destinations.

The 2004 Game Law changed the outlook for Turkey’s wildlife. In accordance with International agreements, CITES, RAMSER & BERN a wildlife management system, to be updated annually based on counts, was introduced and limited hunting licenses began to be issued to foreign hunters. The impact has been significant: poaching, although not eradicated, has been curbed and the selective shooting of mature males only, means that populations of Bezoar Ibex that were once in decline have now started to flourish, making bezoar Ibex Turkey’s most important game species.