There are opportunities to hunt boar all over Europe, but after much research, in our opinion the best place to hunt Wild Boar is Turkey. Not only are the Boar plentiful with opportunities to shoot other game, but the prices are very competitive compared with other locations. The primary reason that Turkey dominates Wild Boar hunting is due to the complete lack of interest from the local population. Being a muslim country locals do not eat pork, and in some instances do not like even touching pigs. The immediate impact here is not only a high density but a very high chance of harvesting a big boar. The World record Boar was shot in Turkey in 2015, and weighed 355kg, forget about anywhere else, Turkey is THE LOCATION FOR WILD BOAR. With Turkey being such a beautiful holiday destination, You could even take a day off during a family holiday; send the other half shopping while you go to get yourself a pair of Boar Tusks!

The Wild Boar is a stout, sporting beast that is extremely adaptable to any environment. He can be found all over Turkey but are most commonly found in wooded areas where the food is most plentiful, in the correct areas it is not uncommon to find large concentrations of the animals providing sensational opportunities for drives. Other successful methods include stalking them at dusk and waiting up high seats. The normal size for a boar shot on our hunting grounds will be in excess of 150KG with a 20cm tusk.