The Boundless lands of Russia, at 6,590,000 square miles, is the largest country in the world. Extending across the whole of Northern Asia and 40% of Europe, it is home to 83 federal subjects. It is not the ethnic diversity of this vast country that interest us but the types of wildlife available to hunt. Before the revolution, game was thin on the ground due to a mixture of Aristocratic sport hunters and a starving and lawless peasantry. Stalin took charge in the mid twenties and more or less banned Hunting. So while people went hungry, the wildlife recovered. Although shot hard since the fall of communism, it still exists in decent enough numbers, to make a journey to Russia worthwhile. We currently hunt three regions of Russia, firstly the Karachay – Cherkess republic, which is situated in the heart of the Caucasus Mountains and is home to two of the three Tur species, and Chamois. The only airport in this state is Mineralnyye Vodi. Secondly we hunt the Kirov region which is a mixture of deep woodland and heath, reached by taking the first leg of the famous Trans Siberian Railway. Kirov has some of the best Bear Shooting in Russia and has strong populations of Lynx, Capercaillie and Blackcock In recent years some excellent Wild Boar have also been taken. Finally we have contacts in the Siberian state of Altai Krai which although an Agricultural region possesses some good Mountain ranges where Ibex, Roe and Maral exist in good numbers.

Temperature in summer: +15 to +30C (Can Rain Heavily)

Temperature in winter: -10C to -20C