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Although referred to as an Ibex due to his large protruding horns, capra pyrenaica is in fact a wild goat rather than a true Ibex. Taxonomically  there are only 2 species of Iberian Wild Goat, victoriae (Gredos) & hispanica, However it is generally accepted by the Worldwide sporting community, that there are in fact 4 subspecies of Spanish Ibex. The subspecies are named due to the mountain ranges that they reside and the distinctive horn shapes that each subspecies has,each providing a unique yet similar trophy for the hunter. That being said it is possible to find the horn configuration of any of the subspecies across any of their ranges.


Generally considered to have the finest horns, with more turns than any of the others, he is the most desired and expensive of the 4 subspecies. capra pyrenaica victoriae is the only Spanish Wild Goat with a different taxanomy. The other 3 capra pyrenaica hispanica can only be identified by their habitat and horn configuration.


            Beceite                            Sierra Nevada                           Ronda


All provide unique and exhilerating hunting, in a beautiful country famous for it's fine dining, good wine and hospitable people. A hunt for Spanish Ibex, although providing a challenge, is comfortable and suitable for hunters of all fitness levels.