The largest country on the Iberian peninsular is host to an abundance of wildlife, with some extremely exciting big game available to hunt. But hunting is not Spain's only attraction, rich in History and culture, independent of hunting, it is one Europe's premier Holiday destinations. Easy to get to and with a first rate infrastructure and a mild climate, a hunt in Spain can be included with many additional attractions.

Our contacts in Spain have been hunting the country for generations, and have given us access to the best Private hunting grounds in the country. Namely the Muela de Cortes and Sierra Espuna reserves.

Easier than many of the Asian countries that we offer at the Real Big 5, it makes a perfect destination for the elder or less fit sportsman whose physical ability is not as it used to be.

With 115 mammals and 525 species of birds Spain's fauna is as diverse as it is beautiful, offering the hunter a great opportunity at securing a number of trophy beasts.

One thing that Spain can offer, that no other country can, is EL MONTERIA, a driven hunt for boar, deer and Mouflon. The Monteria in Spain is not easy to organise but we do have the necessary contacts. However, prices can vary and obviously they do not occur all that frequently. If you would like to gain some more information on EL MONTERIA, please contact us and we can provide you with the necessary information.

We have access to some of the most famous private hunting grounds in Spain, meaning that the wildlife is abundant and we can almost guarantee success in securing all your trophies of choice within the space of 3 days. However trophies can normally be achieved in only 2, if you would like to arrange a shorter hunting trip, please enquire to us directly.