The Smallest country in Central Asia and almost entirely covered by the Pamir mountain range, Tajikistan is named after it's people the Tajik's. It is one of the last untouched bastions on earth. Sharing it's borders with Afghanistan, Tajikistan hosts some of Asia's finest and most sought after trophies. Due to it's location, the country is very much left alone by foreign hunters in comparison to neighbouring countries. As a result game is plentiful and large, the main reason for this is due to the fact that prices of organising a hunt here extremely expensive as regards license fees. That being said, you get what you pay for, and if a monster set of horns is your goal then there is no better place to find them than Tajikistan.

With it's highest peak at 7600 metres and 90% of the country covered in mountains, Tajikistan does not only supply incredibly stunning views, but some of the toughest hunting terrain and climate on the planet, where only the bravest sportsman dare venture.

The fauna of the country is diverse, and in it live 80 different mammals, 365 species of birds, 49 species of reptiles and over 10,000 different invertebrates. Most importantly it holds four of the most important members of the Real Big 5, both the Marco Polo Argali and Mid Asian Ibex can be found here in good numbers, but also the Bukharan Markhor and Afghan Urial are highly achievable. If you therefore have the cash to spend, as well as the desire to hunt some of the largest members of the Real Big 5, you should certainly consider coming to Tajikistan with us.

Temperatures during the hunting season can be +5oC - +10oC in the warmer months, dropping to as low as -15oC - -20oC in the mid winter months.