Hunting Season: September 1st – March 31st

Despite its name the Bezoar Ibex, is in fact not a true Ibex but is a Wild Goat. The most recent genetic analysis confirms that the Bezoar Wild Goat or Ibex (capra aegagrus aegagrus) was the principal origin for all domestic goat breeds today, his closest relative is the Sindh Ibex (capra aegagrus blythi) from Pakistan, who some even argue is the same animal. His range is huge, stretching from Turkey’s Taurus Mountains in the East, to the lower Caucasus where he overlaps with the Dagestan Tur, throughout Iran, into Afghanistan and Pakistan. Easily accessable, with a good infrastructure and a high density of mature Ibex by far the most satisfactory location for securing a Bezoar Ibex is Turkey.Due to her strict management policies not allowing an animal under the age of 8 to be harvested, Turkey has a good record of excellent heads being taken. Certain areas provide better heads and supplements are required to hunt these ‘A class zones’. Hunting quotas are decided annually by various NGO’s, hunting associations and researchers, and strict records are taken of animals harvested. Strict rules and documentation applies to hunting in Turkey and we can assure our clients that we use only the best of the few hunting outfitters operating in Turkey.

For those that wish we can also arrange for hunting for the Hybrid Bezoar. A less impressive animal with floppy ears and horns that often flare out to the sides, never the less he is still classified as species for those going for the GSCO Capra Superslam 20.

This is a perfectly achievable for hunt for anyone in a reasonable physical condition. There are good roads in many areas of the mountains meaning that climbing is not always necessary. As with any mountain hunt however, your chances of success and enjoyment will be greatly increased the better shape that you are in.

It is a requirement that all foreign hunters bring their own rifle to Turkey, You are unable to rent rifles.