Yes, you read correctly, we organise hunts for the beautiful and extremely rare Amur or Ussuri Tiger! We just don't allow you to shoot it with anything other than a camera. We are a hunting company who appreciates wildlife and this such a unique opportunity that we discovered, we felt we should offer it.

Like the Amur Leopard the Amur Tiger is one of natures rarest and most elusive felines. It is heavily protected with only estimated 40 animals still left in the wild – and we know where they are! The largest cat on the planet, this tiger measures up to 290 metres in length and can weigh up 260 kilos. The tiger is fast and silent in it's movements and catching a glimpse of him is all about luck. That being said we do see him, and there is plenty of evidence, such as footprints, proving his existence.

The population of Amur Tigers is concentrated in the Khabarovsky and Primorski Krais, mainly along the right banks of the rivers Amur and Ussuri. It's most common habitats are mountain river valleys and pads overgrown with pine and oak. On this safari the visitor will get the opportunity to not only see the stunning, pristine nature of central Russia, but to also track and monitor this fascinating cat. There are Himalayan Bears in the vicinity too, and there is a good chance of spotting them.