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At Real Big 5, we offer individuals bespoke hunting in wind, dust and snow across six continents. Contact us today for more information.

Hunting for conservation

Our background started with stalking red deer in the highlands of Scotland, and as our experience grew so did our desire to increase the challenge. We started to pursue mountain game globally and in 2010 we decided to share our wealth of knowledge and worldwide contacts setting up the uk’s first worldwide hunting agency. Our clients come from all over the world to experience our knowledge and dedication in organising you the hunt of a lifetime.

With a passion for conservation and wildlife management, we only ever arrange hunts in locations where the quarry species are abundant and can sustain legal hunting. Not only does this mean that our hunters will experience very high success rates with a guarantee of wild game only, but the money invested into the license fees helps to educate the local community and increase investment into the conservation of the target species and other local fauna. If you are considering rocky mountain goat hunting or deer hunting, we will provide you with the details you require.

Having studied the gun at home and abroad circa 1900 it became apparent that many outfitters miss the point in offering a range of animals, based on achievability rather than quality. Our focus is to provide the opportunity to chase the Real Big 5, not pay through the nose to shoot some gormless antelope standing stock still waiting to be photographed. Both the Ovis and Capra species are not only beautiful trophies, but also incredibly cautious and agile, which is why we can 100% guarantee your satisfaction, if successful.
We cover Turkey, Europe and several other continents, including Africa and Oceania. Looking for affordable hunting trips, call us today.
Whether you are planning to travel to Khazakstan, Colorado or Pakistan, we can arrange for international hunting trips based on your requirements.

Mountain hunting

Of all the 38 species of wild goat and 47 species of wild sheep, Carruthers, one of the greatest hunters of all time, deemed only 5 of each as worthy adversaries and companions to hang in the billiard room. He felt that the most challenging and finest trophies in the world were not the dangerous game of Africa, but the mountain game of the high ranges in the northern hemisphere. Although we offer a variety of other species, this company is dedicated to the hunting fanatics who want to collect them all.

Have a look at some photos of wild game shot in our hunting areas.

Bespoke hunts in all environments

Our bespoke hunts are tailor-made to each individual’s specific needs and requirements. Although we specialise in high-intensity mountain hunting, our extensive network of contacts worldwide means that we are able to arrange successful hunts almost anywhere globally.

Take a look at the different species of wild goats we hunt.
We cover Turkey, Europe and several other continents, including Africa and Oceania.

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