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At real Big 5 we create a unique hunting experience for our clients. Although we specialise in Mountain Hunting, our wealth of experience and Worldwide contacts has allowed us to branch out to incorporate a range of different species; in a variety of hostile habitats from snowy mountains to parched deserts encompassing anything from rainforests to grassy plains.
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We cover Turkey, Europe and several other continents, including Africa and Oceania.

Affordable hunting trips all across the world:

ALASKA- CaribouKodiak Brown BearRocky Mountain Goat
With Alaska’s land mass exceeding 1 million square miles, it is America’s largest State but with a population under 750,000 it is her least densely populated. The vast array of wildlife. including 3 species of Sheep, 3 species of Bear, Moose, Deer, Mountain Goats, ptarmigan, wildfowl, and more, coupled with the varying landscapes they choose for their home make Alaska one of thefinest hunting destinations in the World, and is guaranteed to test even the finest of hunters. Alaska truly is North America’s Last Frontier. The State offers hunting opportunities in the highest and steepest cliffs in the Rockies Mountain Range, to lowland hunting in Forests, along rivers and glaciers and we can even arrange hunts above the Arctic Circle! With more Coastline than all other US States combined the fishing is out of this world. Despite being a predominantly hunting agency, please ask us about fishing opportunities before or after your hunt. Whatever your desire or goal, Alaska will challenge you to your utmost and leave you exhausted, rewarded and craving more!

ARGENTINA– Doves, Wildfowl
Ranging from the most southerly point in the civilized world, in the temperate climates of Patagonia, to the jungle and high Andes in the north, Argentina hosts some of the most diverse and beautiful terrain in the world. It’s capital Buenos Aries, oozes European sophistication combined with a Latin flavour and style. The capital is a good place to spend a few days before or after the hunt, however what Argentina can certainly offer is the opportunity to sample some of the finest beef and wine on the planet. With an ideal climate for grape, the Mendoza region produces some of the new worlds best wines. There of course the opportunity of arranging a wine tasting tour before or after your hunt. In the Mendoza region, is Aconcagua. Standing at 6962m it is the highestpeek in the Andes. However, except for the odd puma, there is little there for the sportsman bar the odd miserable Vicuña. As a result we do not look towards the mountains here; in Argentina it is the lowland areas that provide the most sport. The plains of Patagonia and the Pampas offer big game opportunities ranging from Red Deer, black buck and the elusive puma to Guanaco and Rhea. Argentina’s Red Deer are indeed vast. Despite this, and the countries abundance of large deer, we do not recommend hunting Red Deer in Argentina primarily. It is extremely expensive, and a hunt in the UK or New Zealand is not only more economical, but offer equally good heads. If you are going to spend the money, spend it right.

AZERBAIJAN- Dagestan/Eastern Tur
The secluded country of Azerbaijan, is the largest country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. Only 40% of the country is mountains, ranging from the Caucasus to Talysh ranges, with it’s highest peak touching only 4466 metres; so unlike other countries in the region, Azerbaijan has vast lowlands stretching to the Caspian sea. The hunter in Azerbaijan will be chasing his quarry in the beautiful high peaks and rugged terrain of Caucasus’ inaltitudes of up to 3000 metres, providing a highly challenging yet rewarding hunting experience.

COLORADO- Pronghorn AntelopeMule, Deer, Whitetail Deer, Coyote
The Mid West is famous for hosting some of America’s fines ttrophy deer heads, and Colorado is one of the states most tied to hunting. With one of the largest elk herds in America, the rocky mountains on her west, and plains with marshes and water ponds, the state is host an abundance of different flora and fauna. Hunters in Colorado can choose to pursue anything from Big Horn Sheep down to coyotes and prairie dogs. The most accessable anddesirable of the game species in Colorado are Whitetail Deer, Pronghorn Antelope and Mule Deer.

CROATIA- Balkan ChamoisWild Boar, Mouflon Brown Bear

At the crossroads of Central Europe, The Balkans and the Mediterranean, Croatia offers some spectacular scenery with an abundance of wildlife available for the hunter. With its Alpine terrains and Deep Canyonswith 44% of its ground covered in forest, Croatia has one of Europe’s richest biodiversity’s. Home to a good population of free range mouflon, the Balkan Chamois, Brown Bear and the European Boar there is plenty of game available to the hunter. The country has acontinental climate, with temperatures on average ranging from -3C in January to 20C in July.

CZECH REPUBLIC- BoarMouflon Sika
The Czech Republic came into existence in March 1990, it covers an area of 78,866 square kilometres (30,450 sq mi) with a mostly temperate continental climate. It is a country that’s known for its ornate castles, native beers and long history, so there is more to interest the Sportsman beyond it’s fantastic fauna. The Czech Republic has the highest density of free range mouflon anywhere in the World, they have high boar numbers, sika, roe and fallow deer, and they also have a small number of chamois, although neighbouring Austria is home to more.

FRANCE- Alpine ChamoisPyrenean ChamoisChartreuse Chamois
Known for her rich cultural heritage, beautiful cities and gastronomic delights, France is a country that provides far more than just hunting opportunities. Despite its historical ties with hunting, socialist movements in the country over the last century have seen vast areas of prime hunting areas destroyed. That being said there are still some opportunities for good hunting in France, and our main focus here is on Chamois species. France is the only country in the World where the sportsman or woman can pursue the Chartreusse Chamois.

KYRGYZSTAN- Tian ShanKyrgyz ArgaliMid Asian Ibex, Siberian Roe Deer

Sandwiched between China and Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan is a stunning mountain country hosting some of Asia’s largest and finest
trophies. With it’s capital Bishkek at 1500 meters, the former soviet influence is certainly still present. However upon leaving the city, Kyrgyzstan’s beautiful snow capped mountain ranges of the Tian Shan to Pamir Altay reach heights of up to 7000 meters, giving the hunter a true experience of isolation with his quarry. The rugged terrain and habitat that the animals here survive, make this some of thehardest hunting on earth. The flora and fauna of Kyrgyzstan is abundant, with 3500 different plants, 178 mammals, 300 types of bird, 100 different fish and 28 reptiles.

NAMIBIA- African Plains Game
Formerly a part of South Africa, the Republic of Namibia gained its independence in 1990. Located on the South Western part of the continent of Africa it is a fantastic place to hunt Africa’s Southern Savannah Game species. With a large portion of the country being taken up by the Namib Desertit, is one of the least populated countries on earth. Our hunting concessions are located in North East of the country in the Bushveld. The area receives a significantly greater amountof precipitation than the rest of the country and as a result has a greater abundance of wildlife. Temperatures are also cooler and more moderate, with approximate seasonal variations of between 10 and 30 °C (50 and86 °F). The area is generally flat and the soils sandy. African Plains Game can be divided into the Southern and Eastern species of savannah game, and although there is considerable overlap between the two, certain species cannot be found all over. Namibia’s wildlife is representative of the Southern Species, but unlike South Africa, which is not only built up and highly commercial, goodwild game stalking can still be had in Namibia. There is no Game in Africa that will present the same problem and challenges of any of the Real Big 5 Capra or Ovis, but in Namibia the hunter is still able to hunt wild African Plains Game in open areas without paying a small fortune to do so, as would be the case in other African hunting destinations, such as Tanzania.

NEW ZEALAND- ChamoisHimalayan Tahr, Red Stag, Feral animals
New Zealand has no indigenous mammals, they were all imported at various stages of human invasion and can all be legally hunted throughout the year. Much of the country has suffered from over hunting and we have found that in most public areas game often tends to be scarce and of a small size. We recommend therefore, taking a helicopter into the most inaccessible regions of thesouthern Alps, at altitudes of 1500 – 2500 metres, where a base camp can be set up and strong populations of mature Himalayan Tahr and Chamois live in healthy numbers. Obviously these mountain ranges are closely guarded secrets and a lot of research has been undertaken into finding territory where the hunter has the best chance of securing a good trophy of both species.

PAKISTAN- MarkhorHimalayan Ibex, Sindh Ibex, Blue Sheep/BharalUrial

A beautiful middle-eastern country, near India, with a range of wildlife available from Himalayan Ibex to Blue Sheep! 

ROMANIA- Brown BearCarpathian ChamoisWild BoarWolf
Romania is located at the intersection of Central and South Eastern Europe, bordering on the Black Sea. It is the largest country in South Eastern Europe. Its terrainis distributed roughly equally between mountainous, hilly and lowland territories. The Carpathian Mountains dominate the centre of Romania, with 14 Mountain ranges reaching above 2,000 m/ 6,600 ft. with its Alpine meadows and peak sand ancient pine forests there is plenty of suitable ground to keep the hunter amused! The country’s geographical diversity has led to an accompanying diversity of flora and fauna. The Country is one of Europe’s finest hunting destinations. During the 15th Century, hunting reserves were established by the nobility, where the game was monitored and managed, by the 19th Century Romania had become a popular hunting destination, namely for the Carpathian Chamois who was revered as being the largest in the world. Despite the trials of War and Communism during the 20thCentury, Romania still has one of the largest areas of undisturbed forest inEurope and is still home to a rich flora and fauna and the country hosts 60% of Europe’s Brown bear population and 40% of its wolves, it has held the World Record Chamois since 1937, secured by Frederick Selous. Hunters can expect a climate that is temperate and continental, with four distinct seasons. The average temperature is 16 – 45 °C in the summer, and upto -15 in the mountains in the winter.

RUSSIA- Brown Bear, Kuban Tur, Mid Tur, Wolf, Lynx, Capercaille/Black Cock, Altai Ibex, Caucasian Chamois, Wild Boar, Snow Sheep
The boundless lands of Russia, at 6,590,000 square miles, is the largest country in the world. Extending across the whole of Northern Asia and 40% of Europe, it is home to 83 federal subjects. It is not the ethnic diversity of this vast country that interest us but the types of wildlife available to hunt. Before the revolution, game was thin on the ground due to a mixture of Aristocratic sport hunters and a starving and lawless peasantry. Stalin took charge in the mid twenties and more or less banned Hunting. So while people went hungry, the wildlife recovered. Although shot hard since the fall ofcommunism, it still exists in decent enough numbers, to make a journey to Russia worthwhile.

SPAIN- Beceite Ibex, Gredos Ibex, Sierra Nevada Ibex, Ronda IbexPyrenean ChamoisCantabrian ChamoisAoudad/Barbary SheepMouflon Wild Boar

The largest country on the Iberian peninsular is host to an abundance of wildlife, with some extremely exciting big game available to hunt. But hunting is not Spain’s only attraction, rich in History and culture, independent of hunting, it is one Europe’s premier Holiday destinations. Easy to get to and with a first rate infrastructure and a mild climate, a hunt in Spain can be included with many additional attractions. With 115 mammals and 525 species of birds Spain’s fauna is as diverse as it is beautiful, offering the hunter a great opportunity at securing a number of trophy beasts. One thing that Spain can offer, that no other countrycan, is EL MONTERIA, a driven hunt for boar, deer and occasionally other species. The Monteria in Spain is not easy to organise but we do have the necessary contacts. However, prices can vary and obviously they do not occur all that frequently. If you would like to gain some more information on ELMONTERIA, please contact us and we can provide you with the necessary information. Our contacts in Spain have been hunting the country for generations, and have given us access to the best Private hunting grounds in the country, meaning that the wildlife is abundant resulting in 100% success rates so far. With 4 species of Ibex, 2 species of Chamois, Aoudad, mouflon, wild boar, combined with first rate partridge shooting for shotgun shots, we feel there is no better destination in Europe for a sportsman or woman. Easier than many of the Asian countries that we offer at the Real Big 5, it makes a perfect destinationfor the elder or less fit sportsman whose physical ability is not as it used to be.

TAJIKISTAN- Marco Polo ArgaliMid-Asian Ibex
The Smallest country in Central Asia and almost entirely covered by the Pamir mountain range, Tajikistan is named after it’s people the Tajik’s. It is one of the last untouched bastions on earth. Sharing it’s borders with Afghanistan, Tajikistan hosts some of Asia’s finest and most sought after trophies. Due to it’s location, the country is very much left alone by foreign hunters in comparison to neighbouring countries. As a result game is plentifuland large, the main reason for this is due to the fact that prices of organising a hunt here extremely expensive as regards license fees. That being said, you get what you pay for, and if a monster set of horns is your goal then there is no better place to find them than Tajikistan. With it’s highest peak at 7600 metres and 90% of the country covered in mountains, Tajikistan does not only supply incredibly stunning views, but some of the toughest hunting terrain and climate on the planet, where only the bravest sportsman dare venture. The fauna of the country is diverse, and in it live 80 different mammals, 365 species of birds, 49 species of reptiles and over 10,000 different invertebrates. Most importantly it holds four of the most important members ofthe Real Big 5, both the Marco Polo Argali and Mid Asian Ibex can be found here in good numbers, but also the Bukharan Markhor and Afghan Urial are a possibility for those with the means. If you have the cash to spend, as well as the desire to hunt some of the largest members of the Real Big 5, you should certainly consider coming to Tajikistan with us. Temperatures during the hunting season can be +5oC – +10oC in the warmer months, dropping to as low as -15oC – -20oC in the mid winter months.

TURKEY- Bezoar IbexAnatolian ChamoisWild Boar
The unique geographical location of Turkey, surrounded by 3 seas & continents, with her land extending over both Europe and Asia, renders her as the barrier between the Eastern and Western Worlds. There is no better example of this conjunction of the continents than in her untouched and preservednature and multitude of fauna. The various climatic zones, landscapes and habitats within the country mean she is home to Leopards, Wild Goats, and mouflon more commonly found in Asia, as well as chamois, Red deer & Wild Boar; Europe’s most iconic game species. The good hospitality and infrastructure coupled with a large tourist industry, often lacking in many other Asian countries, makes Turkey one of the world’s premier hunting destinations. The 2004 Game Law changed the outlook for Turkey’s wildlife. In accordance with International agreements, CITES, RAMSER & BERN a wildlife management system, to be updated annually based on counts, was introduced and limited hunting licenses began to be issued to foreign hunters. The impact has been significant: poaching, although not eradicated, has been curbed and the selective shooting of mature males only, means that populations of Bezoar Ibex that were once indecline have now started to flourish, making bezoar Ibex Turkey’s most important game species.

UNITED KINGDOM- Muntjac-Driven Pheasant, Partridge, Chinese Water DeerRed DeerRoe DeerSika Deer
Steeped in a rich cultural history, the United Kingdom needs little introduction. Consisting of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, Great Britain has 7 big game species that can be pursued. For Muntjac and Chinese Water Deer there is no country in the World better  than England to shoot a goodt rophy, with a 5th of the World’s population of CWD living across 3 counties in England. The red deer stalking culture in Scotland; in some cases still using a pony, is something unique to only the Highlands, and despite the smaller heads compared to Southern England’s World Class medals, the stalking experience here is something to behold. With strong populations of introduced Sika Deer in Scotland, Ireland and England, with both Roe and Fallow throughout the mainland, a number of trips are required to understand the United Kingdom’s full sporting potential. The British invented Shotgun Shooting for sport, and nowhere else on earth is it possible to experience such great traditions in the hunt; whilst the same time experiencing great sport, than on a English driven game day.

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