Mexico’s Campeche is the only location where both the Grey & Red Brocket Deer can be hunted.

Red & Grey Brocket Deer, Campeche, Mexico

Hunting Season:  November 29th – February 16th (we recommend the January rut as by far the best time to hunt)

The main attraction for the sportsman or woman in Mexico’s jungle would be the beautiful Brocket deer. In Mexico’s Campeche hunters have the rare opportunity of pursuing both the Red and Grey Brocket Deer. More similar in appearance to a duiker than a muntjac brockets are not a close relation of either. There is huge weight disparity between individuals, with weight of red brockets ranging from 20 – 55kg’s. They have a long gestation of 218 – 228 days, argued by some to have postpartem oestrus. They are fully mature in 11 months, and although they do shed their antlers, they will not necessarily every year, nor is there a specific time of year that they always cast. 
Although the 2 subspecies can interbreed, their offspring will be infertile. They are an aggressive deer and males will often been seen fighting, hooking each other with their antlers and rearing up kicking with their hooves.

The smaller grey brocket is more commonly hunted than his red cousin, we have a rare opportunity in this jungle hunt to allow hunters to secure both subspecies on the same trip.The Grey Brocket is more diurnal, and although reputed to run faster, is easier to catch with both dogs and guns due to his more confident and inquisitive nature.

Hunting is mostly on a machan or high blind, though some species are hunted on foot. For Brocket Deer the machan is the most effective method and the best time usually March and April, especially for the red which is without a doubt the more prestigious and sought after of the 2 subspecies. Rifles are seldom used due to the high density of the forest and very poor visibility. Shots are normally made at about 10-25 yards using 12G shotguns with pellet size of 4buck or larger. BB’s or No 2’s can be used for jungle fowl also on offer during this hunt.
Although we have an area with incredibly high numbers of all of our offered species, by nature the game is very skittish and hard to see; this is a hunt that requires patience and persistence.
Weather will be hot and humid, although temperatures will drop at night. Rain should not pose any major issue, but in the jungle hard and rapid rainfall can always occur. The camp and accommodation will be basic wooden cabins with a shared bathroom and shower.

The occasional sighting of tropical whitetail can also occur and these can also be added to the bag should you be fortunate to see one.

There is also an option to harvest: Oscellated Turkey, Greater Carrasow, Paca, Crested Guan, Peccary/Javelina

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