For the Specialist ovis Hunter, Urial can be found from the deserts of the Middle East up to the Mountains of Northern Pakistan.

Urial Hunting, Pakistan

 Hunting Season: February – March

Urial is a Mouflon form, and a relatively small sheep, although there is quite a size variation across the 6 subspecies with the smaller Punjab and Blandfor Urial rams weighing as little as 40kg with the largest, the Transcaspian weighing up to 90kg. Of the six Urial species, 4 can be pursued in Pakistan, the Transcaspian Urial in Iran and there are currently no licenses being issued for the Bukhara Urial.

The most coveted of the Urial in Pakistan is the Ladakh Urial, for whom currently no licenses are being issued. We do however have it on good authority that one or two licenses will be issued in the coming years, and we are very well placed to obtain those licences should a sportsman desire. One of the larger of the subspecies the Ladakh urial, found in the Karakorum Mountains, is so highly coveted due to the steep terrain that he resides. A true mountain hunt, he is by far the hardest of the Urial to obtain not just in licenses but also in difficulty.

Both the Punjab and Blandford/Balochi Urial are of the smaller Urial phenotype. Adult rams may only weigh at 40KG. The Blanford urial can be found in the South of Pakistan, in the Sindh province and can be easily combined with a Sindh Ibex, a smaller variety of the mighty Bezoar found in Turkey. For hunters with little time to spare a hunt for Punjab urial around Islamabad could be a good option. Neither of the smaller urial subspecies present a massive challenge and both can be hunted relatively easily in only a couple of days.
The Afghan Urial is on of the larger subspecies, and due to the majority of his range being across Afghanistan is one of the hardest sheep to aquire a permit. The occasional permit is released in Tajikistan, with very little being known about the population in Iran the only true place to obtain a viable permit is in Pakistan. The permits are heavily sought after and do not come cheap, so Afghan Urial is one which we need plenty of notice. He again is hunted in the foothills of the Himalayas, so not as challenging as the Ladakh Urial but more challenging than Blandford and Punjab means he is a much sought after permit!
Pakistan is a shining star to conservation hunting, and the now well known Markhor Awards have been created in the honour of Pakistan’s national animal in the hope that others may follow in the footsteps of one of Asia’s most successful conservation stories. On a hunt for any of the urial subspecies, you will be accompanied by local Wildlife officials from the relevant State department. You will witness firsthand the input that the investment of your licence fees has for the local community.

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There is also an option to harvest Wild Boar on this hunt.

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