Worldwide hunting opportunities

At Real Big 5, we gather the worldwide hunting community together and swap hunts throughout the world to allow us all to experience global hunting without paying through the nose for it.

Bringing the hunting community together

The worldwide sporting and hunting world is a wonderful one, but one that is extremely costly! This is often for good reason, perhaps the animal that you’re pursuing is not all that common across the planet, and if too many are shot it could have a lasting impact on that species. This is why there are obviously license fees involved in many hunts and thank godness there are! Trophy hunting is a major source of income for wildlife conservation, and we would be in serious trouble without it! By arranging a swap hunt it gives you the opportunity to open the doors to animals that were otherwise out-of-bounds, and of course meet like-minded people. We operate throughout Europe, including Turkey and across several continents, including Africa and Oceania.

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Giving opportunities to hunt challenging animals

At Real Big 5, what we are trying to achieve here is to bring together many hunters and outfitters globally and offer the opportunity to hunt species that would normally not be possible for them. Let’s bring the hunting community together; meet new interesting people, and most importantly hunt new species!

Take a look at some hunting trips abroad undertaken by our professional game hunters.

Meet interesting people

If you have access to good quality hunting, stalking, fishing or shooting, be it bird or a beast; please post what you are able to, and willing to give away. There is bound to be someone out there who wants to hunt your quarry in exchange for a go at theirs! Let’s bring the hunting community together, meet new interesting people, and most importantly hunt new species!

Have a look at some photos of fellow hunters swapping hunts.

The cost of registration is £9.99 annually, giving you full access to our members site and forum, and the opportunity to meet and swap hunts with fellow sportsmen and women from around the globe. Please log into the Swap Hunting site to register your Username & password, once your subscription has been received, approval will normally be made within 48 hours.

Free Membership for any candidate that can truthfully claim any Trophy of the Real Big 5, shot in its natural habitat.

To find out more information about our worldwide hunting trips, contact us on +44 7977 150 104

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